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It is impossible to overstate the importance of taking your child to the dentist. And along with that, it is essential to take them to a child-focused dentist. A child-focused dentist has specialized training in the stages of dental development from infancy to teenhood. This training gives them a unique ability to anticipate and respond to your child’s needs as they grow. Choosing a child-focused dentist can lead to a more comfortable and positive dental experience for your child, helping to set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits. 

We are proud to provide child-focused dentistry at Town & Country Dental. Our approach, led by Dr. Wegner, has been proven effective, as evidenced by the many happy parents and healthy smiles we’ve helped create. Call us today at (708)383-0330 to schedule dental cleanings for the whole family. And check out these top three reasons why your kid deserves a child-focused dentist. 

Baby Teeth Matter 

While baby teeth do fall out, their health can have long-term effects on your child’s oral health. Baby teeth typically start to appear around six months of age and are usually replaced by adult teeth after about six years. However, the benefits of maintaining healthy baby teeth can extend far beyond this period. Here are a few key reasons why it’s crucial to care for your child’s baby teeth

  • Decayed baby teeth may need to be extracted, which can be an unpleasant experience for your child. 
  • When baby teeth are removed, the remaining teeth can shift, causing adult teeth to grow incorrectly and leading to the need for braces. 
  • Regardless of age, healthy teeth are important for digestion, nutrition, speech, and overall confidence. 

By choosing a child-focused dentist, you proactively prioritize your child’s dental health and set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. 

A Positive Experience 

Our child-focused dentist at Town & Country Dental believes in making each visit a positive experience. While this is true for patients of all ages, Dr. Wegner and his team take special care to create a welcoming and low-stress environment for kids. We know how important it is to alleviate anxiety around dentist visits for your child’s dental health as well as their mental health.

Specialized Care

Kids often require specialized services throughout each stage of development. Different needs arise as children go from infancy to adolescence. As your child grows, they may benefit from the following treatments: 

  • Early intervention: Detecting issues like cavities or misaligned teeth and treating them before they become a more serious issue
  • Orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry: Adolescence is a common time to receive corrective treatment like braces 
  • Myofunctional therapy: Exercises and behavioral modifications can support the correct alignment of facial and oral muscles 

Call Town & Country Dental today at (708) 383-0330 or go to our contact page to schedule an appointment for your child. Our child-focused dentist is accepting new patients and looks forward to providing essential care to your family.