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Thomas W. Wegner, D.D.S. – Best Dentist in Oak Park, IL

My ultimate goal as a dentist is to facilitate the lifelong health and wellness of patients and families in my practice. I believe health is our greatest asset but it is easy for our health to slowly diminish while we focus on so many other priorities. Dental health is built on the right balance of preventive lifestyle habits along with regular professional care. Overall health and wellness is built on the same principles. My practice philosophy is built on patient awareness, education and support with my hygienists acting as coaches guiding our patients toward better health.

It is universal for people to associate stress and fear with their dental visits. These feelings interfere with pursuing and attaining good health. Therefore, I was compelled to develop “comfort based methods” to help my patients relax when they come to their cleaning and treatment visits. One method I use is the technique I developed to give shots without any discomfort. Now, most of my patients never feel the shot. Most young children have no idea they have even received a shot, and adults have commented to me AFTER I have given the anesthetic, “When am I going to get the shot?” Utilizing these systems, I can help my patients feel less anxiety about their visits to our office and thus enjoy the economic and lifestyle benefits of maintaining good dental health. These “comfort based methods” work particularly well with children as they set the stage for a lifetime of enjoying going to the dentist. My entire staff is very patient and considerate when caring for children – we all truly enjoy the energy children bring into the office.

A 1984 graduate of the University Of Illinois-College of Dentistry, I have been practicing in Oak Park since 1986 and in my current location for 26 years. I am a member of the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Association, the Chicago Dental Association and the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. I enjoy all phases of General Dentistry with a specific interest in Preventive Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Reconstructive Dentistry and Children’s Dentistry. I maintain up to date knowledge through continuing education at seminars, conferences and staff meetings.  I am married to Donna, a practicing Pediatrician at Pedios in Oak Park. We have 4 children. My interests outside of dentistry include travel, environmental issues, music, technology, health, and well-being to include participant sports such as skiing, soccer, tennis, running…, hiking. Entrepreneurial energy is being invested in innovative methods to manage lifestyle stress as well as the application of sound wellness principles to the aging process helping seniors to achieve a health span more in sync with their life span. Learn more about his unique philosophy by clicking on Our Approach.

Please allow me to join you on your journey to achieve and maintain wellness.

Dr. Thomas W. Wegner, D.D.S.

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