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Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Oak Park, IL

At Town & Country Dental, our team is dedicated to providing you with advanced and thorough dentistry care. We offer not only preventive dentistry services but also a wide array of restorative, family, and cosmetic dentistry solutions. Being a family dentist, we understand that each person deserves a personalized treatment plan so we assure personalized care and attention. We make our patients feel at home and offer them an unmatched quality of service.

Laser Cavity Detection

Our office uses the latest equipment for detecting even the smallest amount of decay. Because of fluoride, the enamel of our teeth is stronger and sometimes hides the fact that there is decay underneath. Through microcracks, bacteria and food start the decay process undetectable to clinical examination and x-rays, until it gets much larger. With this new device, we can detect a small amount of decay and place a smaller filling, conserving vital tooth structure.

You can trust us to help your family members maintain excellent dental health with healthy teeth, gums, and good oral health. Contact our friendly staff to make an appointment and we’ll be happy to explain the dental procedures to you and determine their importance.

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