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We Love Our Families!

My staff and I truly enjoy seeing and getting to know families. Quite often the children come in together and sometimes they bring one of more parents with them for cleanings, too!


Preventive Approach: Our Happiest Patients Are Our Healthiest Patients

Even though Dr. Wegner provides the utmost in personalized comfortable treatment, we realize that everyone prefers to see the hygienist and stay out of Dr. Wegner’s treatment operatory. Key reasons for this are:
1. Dental treatment is more invasive than preventive hygiene care.
2. Dental treatment more expensive than preventive hygiene care.
3. Dental treatment is usually tied to greater apprehension than hygiene care.

So our approach is to help everyone reach and sustain a level of health that is consistent with a  hygiene only maintenance program. Please know that we are very successful at achieving this goal with our patients.

We have created systems to achieve this goal with our patients which include:
1. Increasing awareness by communicating “Healthy Mouth Baseline” parameters to strive for as goals.
2. Building education into that initial awareness so that our patients can make good health decisions in concert with guidance from our team.
3. Providing ongoing support to assist with lifestyle changes that lead to long-term health and wellness.


Barriers That Disrupt the Preventive Approach to Dental Health

1. Patients lose track of time with reference to their optimal preventive, professional health care intervals.
2. Many circumstances arise in today’s busy lifestyles that interfere with preventive professional care and preventive home care habits.
3. The diversion away from effective preventive home care habits is a very significant reason for maintaining preventive professional care intervals.
4. Once the regular professional cycle is disrupted it is much harder to regain the health momentum for effective preventive home care habits and professional care intervals.
5. This causes the risk of disease to increase which increased the risk for treatment and consequent costs to increase. With these risk factors comes the natural avoidance behaviors of going to the dentist due to concerns related to cost and treatment apprehension.

If your preventive health momentum is lagging please speak to our practice manager, Jessica. She will assist you in scheduling an appointment that is convenient for you and discussing any special requests to enhance your experiences in our office.

Our passionate team of dental professionals will guide you and your family back to a path of preventing disease, reducing overall costs and enjoying a healthy smile.


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Make an appointment to meet Dr. Wegner and our staff to learn more about our unique approach to preventive care.


We Keep Our Kids Smiling!

We realize the importance of building great lifetime dental health habits at a young age. It starts with our child patients enjoying their visits to our office and wanting to come to see us. We also have very unique programs for our kids to motivate great smiles. Ask any of our staff about how your child can win “Patient of the Month” and “Outstanding Checkup” awards in our office.


Looking & Feeling Great!

Dr. Wegner believes that making your smile healthy and looking great will go a long way in improving your quality of life. We offer the most current technologies in cosmetic dentistry to create a dazzling smile that you will be proud to show. A beautiful smile builds confidence; and healthy teeth and gums improve your overall health. It is our goal to be your partner in achieving both!

Basic Insights Into Family Dentistry

We often hear about Family Dentistry, but some of us don’t even know what makes it different. It’s quite similar to general dentistry. Basically, children require dental care more than adults. Thus, skilled family dentists are helpful to take care of their oral health over time. Family dentistry is primarily concerned with the oral health and hygiene of our teeth as we mature. It sounds the same as general dentistry. However, it focuses on children’s oral care of all ages. In a nutshell, some of the services offered including fluoride treatments, gum disease treatments, filling, regular cleaning, and orthodontics.

Who Needs Family Dentistry?

Family dentists are able to understand how kids’ teeth develop and change with age. Plus, they also can recognize kids’ psychology. They understand how children are afraid of visiting dentist. For this reason, they have a better approach with kids. The purpose is to make the children accustomed with better oral hygiene habits. There are many reasons why we also need family dentistry.

Most dentists choose a specialization of dentistry. Family Dentistry often comes hand in hand with pediatric dentistry but it is also a core health plan in general dentists. Here at Town & Country Dental, we take care of patients regardless of their age and monitor their oral health habits as they grow. So, why should we choose family dentists? We can take advantage of a family dentist to check up all of those people that ranges in age. We don’t need to make separate appointments as we can go together at the same time regardless of age.

Looking for the right Family Dentists

What should we look for when looking for the right family dentist? First of all, we need to check their experience. Not all family dentists are reliable. We need to check their credentials beforehand. Usually, their information is available on their official page on their website. Checking reviews and asking for recommendations are often needed. Finding a reliable family dentist takes time, especially for those who haven’t found any references yet. We need to be patient and cautious about the available options.

One more thing, we must choose a Family Dentist whom we feel comfortable dealing with. It’s an important matter and we shouldn’t overlook it. If such expert is friendly, we are able to ask questions and tell concerns without worries. Another thing to consider is financing. We need to ask thoroughly about the available payment plans. Family dentistry services that are covered by insurance will give advantages for sure. We need to check it beforehand, though.


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