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Teeth whitening has become a common cosmetic treatment for patients looking for a dramatic, yet minimally invasive smile transformation. But with so many different whitening options to choose from, selecting the right one can feel overwhelming. Is professional teeth whitening worth the extra expense? And what is the difference between in-office and take-home whitening?

At Town & Country Dental in Oak Park, IL, Dr. Thomas Wegner offers several types of whitening. He is happy to answer all questions and help patients choose the treatment option that is truly in their best interests

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Your Teeth Whitening Options 

At your consultation, Dr. Wegner will explain the various whitening treatments. 

  • In-office whitening: During this treatment, Dr. Wegner will cover your teeth in a peroxide-based bleaching solution. A special light will activate the gel so that it breaks down stains at the molecular level. Your gums will be protected, so you should feel very little during the process.
  • Take-home whitening: Dr. Wegner can also provide you with a set of custom-made trays, which you will fill with whitening gel at home. By wearing the trays for several hours a day, you can significantly lighten your teeth over the course of several weeks. 
  • Over-the-counter products: A number of do-it-yourself products are available at the drugstore. These include toothpastes, strips, trays, lights, pens, and gels, among others. 

Your Cosmetic Goals

The first thing you should consider when choosing your method is the degree of whitening you desire. In-office and professional take-home products can achieve similar results, although in-office treatment may lighten your smile by one or two additional shades

Drugstore products may give you a slight improvement, but the results will not be as dramatic as the effects of dentist-provided whitening. 

Bear in mind that teeth whitening is only intended for external stains. If you have darker internal staining, porcelain veneers or dental bonding are likely better options. 

Your Oral Health 

Studies consistently show that teeth whitening is safe with few risks. Nonetheless, patients sometimes experience minor to moderate dental sensitivity for a few days after treatment. 

If you already suffer from sensitive teeth, this does not disqualify you from whitening! But you should speak to Dr. Wegner about it beforehand, as this will help him make an appropriate treatment recommendation. 

With sensitive teeth, over-the-counter products may not be appropriate. When a dentist supervises treatment, he can determine the correct amount of peroxide. He can also prevent the whitening gel from touching your gums, causing further sensitivity.

Your Timeline

Another consideration is how fast you want to see your results. In-office treatment can transform your smile in an hour or less. Take-home treatment usually takes about two weeks. DIY products also take several weeks.

Your Budget

Finally, we understand that your budget is a big concern. Over-the-counter whitening costs the least, but the results will not be as dramatic as dentist-provided treatment. 

At Town & Country Dental, we want to make stunning results affordable for everyone. Along with reasonably priced treatment, we offer payment plans and third-party financing. Our team is happy to discuss your budget and recommend a whitening regimen in keeping with your goals. 

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