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When you hear the word “concierge,” you probably envision a happy hotel employee who helps guests reserve transportation, entertainment, and dining reservations. Concierges arrange special services for guests to improve their experience at a hotel. Town & Country Dental offers concierge dentistry. This means, we make special arrangements for our patients and treat them like valued, respected guests.

Some of the special services we offer our patients include:

  • Meet & Greet Visits
  • Convenient Appointment Times
  • Professional Dental Services & Referrals
  • Excellent Patient Comfort Measures
  • Patient Education

Let’s explore these services together.

Meet & Greet Visits

Only you know what you’re looking for in a dental practice. Dr. Thomas Wegner invests in a personal relationship–a partnership for oral health–with each of his patients. To help you get a feel for Town & Country Dental in Oak Park, IL, we invite new patients to attend a complimentary, no-obligation meet and greet appointment. You can experience our office atmosphere and culture firsthand, and meet the team members who will serve you, including Dr. Wegner.

Convenient Appointment Times

Our regular office hours accommodate early, before-work or school appointments, as well as after-work appointments. In addition, we schedule Saturday appointments upon request and have a dentist on call every Sunday, for emergencies. We know that your busy lifestyle can make attending dental visits difficult, so we aim to accommodate your schedule.

Professional Dental Services & Referrals

As a general, family, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dentist, Dr. Wegner offers our patients a broad menu of dental services, and we treat patients of all ages. Whether you only need six-month checkups and cleanings, you’re interested in reinventing your smile with cosmetic dentistry, or you need dental implants, dentures, or restorative dental work, Dr. Wegner has the training, skills, and experience to serve you well. 

When a complex case arises, Dr. Wegner can refer patients for specialist care. We keep a list of respected dental specialists and are happy to provide referrals, when necessary. However, most cases can be treated in the comfort of our Oak Park dental office.

Excellent Patient Comfort Measures

Dr. Wegner and our clinical team members have a genuinely caring and compassionate chairside manner. We offer movies, music, and massagers to help patients get comfortable and remain relaxed during treatments. 

We even have No-Gag, a special way of helping patients avoid the dreaded gag reflex. And for those who suffer from anxiety, phobia, or physical discomfort in a dental chair, we offer nitrous oxide and premedication for optimal comfort.

Patient Education

Dr. Wegner and our team love dentistry, but we know it can seem a bit droll to the average person. However, when YOUR oral health is concerned, dentistry can seem quite interesting. To help our patients make informed treatment decisions and understand what procedures entail, Dr. Wegner takes time for patient education. He’ll show you x-rays, explain why he’s making a particular recommendation, then detail what you can expect at your clinical visit. 

We also welcome questions. Whether you ask questions during your consultation or call our office days after your visit, our team members are always happy to educate patients. We believe that the more you know, the more confident you’ll feel about making decisions for your oral health.

Experience Concierge Dentistry for Yourself

If you’re ready for the concierge dentistry experience, call Town & Country Dental in Oak Park, IL, at 708-383-0330. Dr. Thomas Wegner offers early and late weekday appointments, as well as Saturday appointments, for your convenience. Even on Sunday, we have a dentist on call to handle emergencies. We respect our patients’ schedules and make visits efficient, while allowing ample time to make patients feel respected, informed, and well cared for.