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Research has shown that “simply activating a smile contributes to a positive neurological reaction”. The research states, “when your facial muscles say you’re happy, you’re more likely to experience the world in a more positive light”. The reason smiling works is because of the mind-body connection.

The above research and other similar studies tell us how important it is for you to be proud and confident of your smile!

Your smile is unique to you just like your fingerprints. In contrast to fingerprints, a uniquely beautiful smile offers many value-added benefits. I have listed a few below:

  1. You create first and lasting impressions with your smile but not with your fingerprints.
  2. You become happier by simply smiling more.
  3. Other people are positively impacted by your smile.
  4. Your confidence is reflected to others by your smile. Just look at yourself in the mirror, with and without a smile, to see what others see.

When you smile and how you smile around other people does create an impression. I believe a natural, heartfelt, and confident smile has the power to impact others’ attitudes and their outlook. Thus, you can create a better day for those around you just by smiling more often.  I also believe that if you give a smile around other people they will smile more back at you. A smile can be a very powerful and contagious gift to give and to receive.

You can’t change your fingerprints but you can change your smile in three important ways; you can make it a smile you love to give, you can display it more often, and you can smile freely with confidence.  As a dentist, I help change my patients’ lives by making both minor and major cosmetic changes to their smiles.

How can you change your smile, the way you smile, and the frequency of your smile?

It’s very easy! You can get started today with an approach that fits your budget by following the steps below:

Step 1 – Define and note your concerns.

Look in the mirror and take note of the first thing you don’t like about your smile. Next, note other aspects of your smile that bother you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you consciously or subconsciously hide your teeth or smile because of their appearance?
  2. Can you display a nice smile comfortably or is it forced?
  3. Does your smile look natural to you?
  4. Do you like to smile?

You may not be sure of what should and could be changed within your budget because you’re not an expert. I am!

Step 2 – Complete my smile questionnaire.

Call the office, visit our website or our online contact form. We will send you the questionnaire to complete at no charge.

Step 3 – Schedule a virtual or in-office cosmetic consultation or 2nd opinion appointment.

The cost is minimal and this is where I begin to personalize the cosmetic options available to you. Together, we start creating your customized plan within your budget.

I have to leave it there until next time.


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